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Chair Maker's Drill Stops

These are aluminum drill stops designed to attach to a bradpoint bit for Windsor chair making. The ends are tapered to allow for drilling extreme hole angles in round parts for chair making.

The Chair Maker's Drill Stops include 6 pieces in the following sizes:
- 5/16"
- 3/8"
- 7/16"
- 1/2"
- 9/16"
- 5/8"

$70.00 plus $9.50 for US shipping for a total of $79.50.
$70.00 plus $36.00 for international shipping for a total of $106.00

6 Piece Set
Purchase all six sizes for $70 plus shipping.

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You will find a wide variety of turnings for sale to make Windsor chairs. There are several different styles of legs, stretchers back posts and spindles to purchase. Please take a minute to browses to see if there are any you like. If interested in purchasing, please call or email me a list of the part numbers for my review. The turnings can be purchased several different ways. Please go to the price list to see what's right for you. Custom turnings are available upon request. All turnings come in maple and some are available in cherry and oak in limited quantities.
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