Tools & Supplies
Seat Blanks

Welcome chairmakers! Sourcing quality chair making materials can be difficult. I am now offering eastern white pine seat blanks as a service to other chairmakers. All blanks are completely air dried for a minimum of 16-17 months before they are for sale. Air-dried seats carve a little nicer than kiln-dried and are less brittle. I purchase these as 9/4" thick x 21" wide by various lengths. I then cut them 8' to 10' long that allows me to make a neat, level and elevated air-drying stack, which is covered with metal roofing, then the ends are double sealed with anchor seal. The material is purchased from a mill in Maine and stored on our family property in Maine which is then air dried for one year, allowing me to transport them 300 miles home to Connecticut at a much lighter weight. Once home, I then re-stack the blanks outdoors for a few more months before bringing them into the shop for the last couple months and then they are finally ready for my use or for sale.
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Hard Maple Turning Blanks

KD hard maple turning blanks bought from a mill that makes them from the butt ends of logs that are too short to be sold as nominal lumber. They are not riven but are just as straight as blanks sawn with the grain on a bandsaw mill or baseball bat rejects. They’ve already been rounded to a 2" diameter and are ready to be turned saving you time and waste. Sold in three different quantities for either an arm chair, a bow-back, hoop-back, or a fan-back side chair. Each box contains 1 extra blank for practice.
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Chair Maker's Drill Stops

The Chair Maker's Drill Stops are available in a 6 piece set with the following sizes:
- 5/16"
- 3/8"
- 7/16"
- 1/2"
- 9/16"
- 5/8"
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11 Degree Reamer and Related Tools

This 11-degree reamer will help you achieve a strong chair joint with ease. This tool is all steel and comes with 9/16" & 3/8" pilots. We also offer a coupler and reaming helpers.
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6 Degree Reamer and Related Tools

This 6-degree reamer will help you achieve a strong chair joint with ease. This tool is all steel and comes with 9/16" and 1/2" pilots. We also offer a coupler and reaming helpers.
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Milk Paint

Sold in individual bags and each bag makes 1 pint of paint.
Stocking most of the common colors used on Windsor Chairs.
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Shave Horse

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Work Bench

Standard features included:
- Standard german leg vise screw
- Crubber jaw liner from bencrafted
- Split top gap stop
- Plenty of hold fast holes (hold fasts not included)
- Wooden leg vise guide with locking pin

Standard size is 32" x 30"
Top 4" thick
31 1/2" high, made from solid maple
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You will find a wide variety of turnings for sale to make Windsor chairs. There are several different styles of legs, stretchers back posts and spindles to purchase. Please take a minute to browses to see if there are any you like. If interested in purchasing, please call or email me a list of the part numbers for my review. The turnings can be purchased several different ways. Please go to the price list to see what's right for you. Custom turnings are available upon request. All turnings come in maple and some are available in cherry and oak in limited quantities.
Turnings Price List

Turnings - Legs
Turnings - Stumps
Turnings - Side Stretchers
Side Stretchers
Turnings - Center Stretchers
Center Stretchers
Turnings - Back Posts
Back Posts
Turnings - Spindles